SigSauer P232SL .380 ACP – How to disassembly and reassembly (Field Strip)

On the inspiration for his new icon of evil, Games of Thrones’s Joffrey Baratheon (Hint: Another throne is involved)*

The .380 Auto chambered SIG Sauer P232 Black is a real classic for its almost legendary reliability, portability and accuracy. Still available in very small numbers, the P232 is a compact semiauto pistol built as a concealed carry or backup gun, that’s Vintage in looks but very, very modern in concept and manufacture.In our humble opinion, the .380 Auto SIG Sauer P232 is a legend among small, compact semiautomatic blowback operated pistols for personal defense and concealed carry.

Still in production twenty years after its introduction, and well over forty since the P230 model was presented from which it is based, the P232 is proudly defined as a “high-precision classic among compact weapons” by the German manufacturer.

00:07 – Disassembly
00:35 – Assembly

SigSauer diassemble
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