SA 26 vz.48b 7.62×25 Tokarev – How to Disassembly and Reassembly Field Strip

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Sa 26 (vz. 48b/52). There were four generally very similar sub-machine guns in this series: starting with the Sa 23 from 1948 and later the Sa 24, Sa 25, and Sa 26. The primary designer was Jaroslav Holeček (1923–1977), chief engineer of the Česká zbrojovka Strakonice arms factory.

The VZ23 series of sub-machine guns utilize a straightforward blowback action, with no locked breech, and fire from the open bolt position. They also use a progressive trigger for selecting between semi-automatic and fully automatic. Lightly pulling on the trigger will fire a single shot. Pulling the trigger farther to the rear in a continuous motion will fire fully automatically, until the trigger is released or the magazine is empty.

The VZ23 series were the first production-model sub-machine guns with a telescoping bolt, in which the forward part of the moving bolt extends forwards past the back end of the barrel, wrapping around that barrel. This feature reduces the required length of the submachine gun significantly and allows for better balance and handling. Handling was further improved by using a single vertical handgrip housing the magazine and trigger mechanism, roughly centered along the gun’s length. The gun’s receiver was machined from a single circular steel tube.

Many of the features of the VZ23 sub-machine gun series were the inspiration for Uziel Gal’s Uzi Sub-machine gun, probably thee most popular open-bolt, blowback operated firearm of its kind.

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