Perun Arms Perun 15 .223rem – How to Disassembly and Reassembly (Field strip)

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The rifle is in the basic variant fitted with a cold forged 12.5 “or 10.5” barrel made of 15 142 steel (42CrMo4) produced by Česká Zbrojovka. The bore of the barrel is nitrided with ARCOR technology (the depth of the nitrided layer is allegedly up to 0.2 mm and a hardness of up to 60 HRC is achieved). The pitch of the bore is 1: 9, which gives the weapon a certain versatility of use. The muzzle of the barrel is provided with a thread, which is equipped with a birdcage type shock absorber.

You can choose from two variants of the forearm – M-lok and Keymod with picatinny (RIS II) bar on the upper side, which perfectly follows the bar of the upper rifle. The attachment of the forearm is solved by a ratchet with locking by means of 3 Allen screws. The material of the forearm is air duralumin.

The upper, like the lower, is a forged workpiece made of 7076 aluminum alloy. Lower hides the trigger mechanism (MilSpec) and a magazine shaft, which is able to hold (according to tests) every AR-15 magazine available on the Czech market intended for .223 rounds. There is also a fuse and firing mode switch on the lower: Bang / No Bang.

The self-loading mechanism of the weapon works on the principle of taking dust from the barrel, specifically it is a direct impingement (gas). The gas block is made of steel, the surface of which, like the bore, is mainly nitrided with ARCOR technology.

The weapon is standardly equipped with a stock from the Turkish company DLG Tactical. It is a stock (DLG Tactical – TBS) and a stock. The stock is completely polymer with several metal parts. It in itself has a very robust and solid impression.

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