Makarov PM 9×18 – How to Disassembly and Reassembly (Field Strip)

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The Makarov pistol or PM is a Soviet semi-automatic pistol. Under the project leadership of Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarov, it became the Soviet Union’s standard military and police side arm in 1951.

Shortly after the Second World War, the Soviet Union reactivated its plans to replace the Tokarev TT33 self-loading pistols and Nagant M1895 revolvers. The adoption of the future AK assault rifle relegated the pistol to a light, handy self-defence weapon. Therefore, the TT30/33 was unsuited for such a role, as it was heavy and bulky. Also, the Tokarev pistols omitted a safety and magazines were deemed too easy to lose. As a result, in December 1945, two separate contests for a new service pistol were created, respectively for a 7.62mm and 9mm pistol. It was later judged that the new 9.2×18mm cartridge, designed by B. V. Semin, was the best round suited for the intended role. The lower pressures of the cartridge allowed practical straight blowback operation (reducing the cost and complexity of the weapon), while retaining low recoil and good stopping power.

00:24 – Disasembly
01:08 – Reassembly

Weight: 730 g (26 oz)
Length: 161.5 mm (6.36 in)
Barrel length: 93.5 mm (3.68 in)
Width: 29.4 mm (1.16 in)
Effective firing range 50 m (55 yd)
Cartridge: 9×18mm Makarov

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