Hammerli TAC R1 .22LR – How To FULL Clean And Lubricate

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Hammerli TAC R1 .22LR – How To FULL Clean And Lubricate
Hammerli Tac R1 cleaning for shooting, not storage. Fully disasembly and reassembly. How to disassemble barrel mechanism and remove the barrel.
This is a lengthy process that is very demanding on precise execution. There are springs and pins inside the mechanism and they must fit exactly in right place.
It is not necessary to discuss the slide mechanism. Don’t do it often.

Best way to clean your gun FOR SHOOTING NOT FOR STORE!!! is to use alcohol and degrease all parts. After 5 minutes you can use rag and toothbrush. When the weapon is clean, all carbon and dirt is removed, use a rag to apply a small layer of oil to the weapon and lightly run all the contact surfaces with a rag.

If you want to store the weapon in a safe for a longer period of time, for example for a month, you have to use much more oil. Too much oil in the mechanism causes lead to accumulate.

00:23 – Gun disasembly
02:50 – Barrel mechanism disassembly
06:50 – Barrel mechanism cleaning
19:09 – Barrel cleaning
26:50 – Barrel mechanism reassembly
38:11 – Gun assembly

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