What I'm talking about

I don’t make videos to make money on them. I make them to help people. Anyway, I’ll be happy if you offer me some way to earn money or support me on Patreon. For example, I can include your brand in a video, or a link to your site in the description.

What I will not do is promote low quality brands and products. So if you have an interesting product, an online store, etc. and you want to promote it a bit, write to me.

The channel does not have tens of thousands of subscribers and the impact will be small, but again it is people who move in a specific environment and are interested in weapons. So targeting your ad is good.

The primary audience is from the US (95%).

Of course, we’re talking about videos on Youtube, not the links on these sites. I will then also introduce you to the website as partners.

Rather than as an income, I want to have (lend) new products that I can show people.