Baikal IZ 18 12/70 – How to Disassembly and Reassembly (Field Strip)

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This piece is very old, but still in perfect and functional condition. It is very difficult to find enough information, so this time only in general.
The Izhevsk Mechanical Plant was established on the basis of a decision of the Committee for the Defense of the State in the USSR on July 20, 1942. The original plant with number 74 was later changed to the National Union Arms Plant No. 622, which was later called only IMZ. During World War II, production was moved to Izhevsk from Tula. After the end of mass production of weapons during the war, IMZ reoriented in 1949 to the production of hunting and sporting weapons, precision casting, casting of motorcycle engines and weapons accessories. In 1966, the plant received the Order of Lenin. For 22 years he was led by V.S. Chugujevkij, who contributed to its development and modernization. It is currently one of the largest companies in Russia and its production has been expanded to include microelectronics, the production of power tools, packaging and gas equipment.

The shooting public is best known for Baikal hunting weapons. They have become traditional hunting weapons in the Czech Republic and are constantly valued for their high durability, reliability and affordability.

This hunting shotgun IŽ 18 E is in new condition. The congestion is full. Text and control Jaroslav Dubský st.


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